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GREEN MACHINES (If Available, they will show up directly below)

What is a GREEN MACHINE? If we have any in stock, they will be photo'd just above this paragraph for purchase. When Greenlight collectibles creates a series of diecast cars, 2% of the production run are GREEN MACHINE versions. So for example if they make 5,000 1964 Plymouth Fury cars in a series only 100 of those cars will be GREEN MACHINE chase cars. Collectors search for these at retailers and on-line for these highly collectible diecast CHASE cars. This is similar to the Johnny Lightning White Lightning chase cars. If there are no diecast collectibles photo'd above, check back on this page from time to time to see when we have some in stock!

GREEN MACHINE chase car versions can have one or more of the following traits:

  • Greenlight Green Body
  • Greenlight Green Chassis
  • Greenlight Green Rims
  • Greenlight Green Interior
  • Green Tires